Accelerate Council Refunds with Virtual Payment Cards

Accelerate Council Refunds with Virtual Payment Cards

Whilst there is a long and growing list of options available to public sector organisations to collect money from bill payers, tenants and taxpayers, large scale distribution of payments has for a long time been a far more complex challenge.

The days of large-scale cheque issuance are quickly (and thankfully) becoming a distant memory. An expensive and time-consuming practice from yesteryear!

However, until recently, obvious alternatives to cheques have not been particularly forthcoming, especially for that significant proportion of the population who have chosen not to disclose their bank account details through the completion of a Direct Debit mandate or Standing Order instruction.

Of course, this issue is now front and centre of minds at the highest levels of government as HM Treasury and every local Authority grapple with ways to process the £150 Council Tax rebate for the estimated 8m households between bands A – D who do not pay by Direct Debit.

Virtual prepaid Cards from B4B Payments are a digital and inclusive alternative to this conundrum. They can be deployed instantly via an online portal, already loaded with the requisite amount. All that is required to deliver them is an email address.

There is even a cardholder app available so that recipients can monitor spending and balances and as the cost-of-living crisis bites households, there is the comfort that all payments are on Mastercard® rails. This means funds can be used to pay energy bills, buy essential groceries or for travel.

This is just one-use case, virtual prepaid cards can be used for dozens of other purposes across the public sector. Everything from refunding overpayments to employee rewards and expense management.

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