Colourfield Publishing Terms and Conditions

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1) Accounts are strictly net unless otherwise stated, and are subject to settlement within 30 days of invoice

    1. Print adverts will be invoiced on date of publication.
    2. Orders for eshots will be invoiced 14 days after a signed order acknowledgement is received. The order is subject to settlement within 30 days of invoice regardless of whether the eshot is scheduled for this period.
    3. Credits for eshots have duration of 12 months from date of invoice. If the eshot is not distributed by the end of the 12 month period the credit expires and it becomes no longer incumbent on Colourfield Publishing to distribute the eshot and no refund will be forthcoming.

2) A signed Sales Order Acknowledgement form constitutes a financial commitment to Colourfield Publishing and constitutes a binding contract with Colourfield Publishing.

3) The advertiser is solely responsible to submit to Colourfield Publishing suitable artwork by the due date failing which the publishers reserve the right to exclude the advertisement from the publication or print only the name and address of the advertiser and Colourfield Publishing will not be responsible for any mistake, error or omission thereby. In either case the advertiser is liable for the full cost of the order.

4) Loose inserts must be supplied, in clearly marked boxes, to the address on this order by the due date, unless otherwise instructed.

5) The advertisement artwork must be supplied in a digital format as a high resolution (300 dpi) JPG or PDFx

6) Cost incurred in the production of any separations or artwork for the advertiser will be the responsibility of the advertiser.

7) Colourfield Publishing will furnish the advertiser with a proof of copy, if so requested, prior to going to press and any amendments or alterations of such proofs must be returned to the publishers as per date stated on the proof copy.

8) Colourfield Publishing Limited will not accept any responsibility for non-receipt or delivery either to or from the publishers.

9) After the date stated on the copy, the publishers will print in accordance with the proof or amendment received by the stated date, and the advertiser will be responsible for the payment of the account by the due date.

10) Colourfield Publishing Limited will not be responsible for amendments or errors received after stated date and the account will be payable in full.

11) Cancellation for print adverts will only be accepted if received by registered mail at least 6 weeks prior to copy date and acknowledged by the publishers in writing. Cancellation by any other means, including normal post, telephone, fax or e-mail, will not be accepted.

12) Every effort will be made to carry out contracts, but should Colourfield Publishing be prevented or delayed in carrying out a contract by reason by an Act of God, war, lock-outs, fire, flood, delays in transit, strikes, riots, postal delay or any other unexpected or exceptional causes or circumstances beyond the publishers control, the time for delivery shall be extended until a reasonable time after the event preventing or interfering with the due execution of an order has ceased, and in no circumstances are the publishers to be liable for any loss or damage suffered by clients as a result thereof.

13) A signed order form constitutes all the terms of the contract and no agent or otherwise representative of the company has any right to vary the terms hereof in any way.

14) Colourfield Publishing Limited reserve the right to include an index to the advertisers in the publication and will not be responsible to any advertiser for any error or omission therein.

15) Colourfield Publishing Limited reserves the right not to publish any artwork it feels contravenes ASA standards or it judges discriminates against any sector of the community. If an advert deems to do this the advertiser will be contacted, the reasons for refusal of publication will be cited and new artwork will be requested. Should this not be supplied in time for the copy deadline Colourfield Publishing Limited reserves the right to invoke clause 3 and the advertiser will still be charged the amount shown on the Order Form.

16) Colourfield Publishing Limited assumes no responsibility for opinions expressed or accuracy of information in supplier artwork and therefore accepts no responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from acting as a result of material published on behalf of the advertiser.

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