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“To be the best we can be and to operate in a commercial market where we set standards and goals that are not just a matter of compliance but because we can make lives safer, better, easier… surely that’s what we should all be aiming for?” argues Managing Director of ACMS UK, Steve Aldridge.

As the MD of a risk compliance software company whose goal it is to help commercial organisations reach and maintain legal conformity when it comes to health and safety, including fire of course, he might find that a little easier to achieve than most.

But is there a genuine need for software to help manage fire risk? ‘No, not always… and especially if you only have a small operation. As long as your system is robust, you have a responsible person operating and reviewing it on a regular basis, a paper-based system can do the job just as well. Where software comes into its own is in keeping all your data and information together, in one secure place. It’s also invaluable in helping with the managing of multiple sites, bigger organisations or when a number of layers of management are involved with the maintaining of premises.’

The benefits of Vision Fire Risk software are tenfold, but one of its biggest attributes is transparency. Via the portfolio dashboard, any staff or service member, contractor or assessor (in-house or sub-contracted) can be made responsible for/engaged by the organisation to carry out an audit or inspection, update the data via the Vision Mobile App and that dashboard immediately reflects the status of the premises (single or multiple sites) with regards to its fire risk. It’s not information contained in a document, it is live data… available and accessible immediately.

Do We Really Need Software To Manage Fire Risk? – ACMS UK

Significant Findings highlights the immediate risks, their locations and remedial budget costs, allowing the client to assess what actions to take, when and at what price.

Guidance through worksheets with dropdown question sets ensure all the relevant areas and elements are being assessed and, ultimately, legally complied with.

Evacuation Procedures and Action Plans can be uploaded and hard copies generated for display or distribution; images, pdfs and CAD drawings can also be uploaded. All documentation under one, secure, cloud! Delivering consistency, clarity and, overall, peace of mind.

Getting better control of your fire assets has never been easier… using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, Vision-tags, are being utilised by ACMS UK clients, from retail giants to university campuses, hospitals and housing trusts in the tracking, monitoring and maintaining of emergency assets.

Vision fire risk software can help streamline your resources, costs and improve efficiencies.

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