Quality patient care requires quality data

Rob Tonks, Canon’s Programme Manager - Healthcare

Rob Tonks, Canon’s Programme Manager – Healthcare, works with healthcare clients across both public and private sectors, helping them implement digital transformation programmes. In this article he simplifies the process of capturing quality data, highlighting the importance of selecting scanners that enable you to do more than just capture images.

Timely and easy access to patients’ records is critical to the successful delivery of medical treatments. But how do you ensure that your healthcare setting provides this? It’s obvious that the answer is in digitising these records. How though, do you do so quickly, easily, and safely? It’s all about selecting equipment that enables you to prepare, capture, and share.

Preparing patient data for digitisation

Despite the rapid growth of electronic health records, a cloud of time-consuming document preparation tasks shrouds many healthcare professionals. Although it may not seem obvious when they start on the digitisation pathway, they soon discover that incorrect document preparation causes unnecessary bottlenecks and delays when it comes to scanning paper documents.

For many, the revelation that there is such a thing as a one-touch staple remover has been a ‘ta da’ moment. Why? Because such a simple and affordable bit of kit can reduce document preparation time by over 60 percent. It also ensures edges are not torn, which reduces paper jams and further delays.

Quality patient care requires quality data

Capturing patient data

Capturing the data requires more than a one-touch staple remover though. Quick preparation and fewer paper jams are worthless if the scanned images are illegible. Indeed, poor quality images and unreliable hardware can lead to more time taken repeating this process.

This is why you need a document scanner that can accurately and reliably convert paper documents into clear electronic copies. Get the right one and you’re effectively gifting your team more time to deliver exceptional patient care.

Sharing patient data

Scanning data is not the end of the digitisation journey though. You need to share it too, in a way that meets data protection regulation and slots into your wider IT infrastructure. Requiring changes to legacy processes and long-established ways of working, this can be tremendously challenging. It requires all of your hardware and software working together, seamlessly. Efficient integration means better cross-functional collaboration and accessibility to safe, accurate, and secure patient records across your organisation.

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