Deliver on the promise of operational resilience

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With ServiceNow, you can make this a reality by creating a single view, with all services and systems visible in one place. It’s an interconnected, secure way of working.

Recent events have posed challenges to government that come once a century. But in times like these, technologies initially drafted in to cope with crisis can yield unexpected insights and ongoing benefits.

Remote working and virtual collaboration for UK civil servants, for instance, are now widely recognised as feasible. These tools have helped accelerate digital transformation programmes and enabled agile ways of working for staff.

For citizens, transformation means services that put their needs first. UK citizens want to interact with government services as a single, interconnected organisation.

That unity is what we help deliver. Already, 90% of UK government agencies partner with ServiceNow to improve services and deliver a seamless experience, to staff and citizens.

Starting with the right questions is key. How can government reimagine systems and structures that date back decades? How can service delivery be transformed, to strengthen public trust and national resilience?

UK government has proven it can act fast and leverage new, agile technologies. Workflow, data-driven successes include HMRC’s rapidly deployed COVID-19 Self-Employment Income Support Scheme, and NHS Scotland’s vaccine management system, developed on the Now Platform. The system integrates and digitises the entire vaccine administration process and scheduled 220,000 vaccination appointments in the first 12 hours.

Deliver on the promise of operational resilience

Agencies and Departments must now maintain the momentum of disruption. Organisations need to take a longer view, initiating deeper digital transformations and driving them to completion, so they can better withstand adversity, now and in the future.
A fast response and effective 24/7 digital service are essential, and their lack has frustrated civil servants who want to help UK citizens. Across the workings of government, the roadblocks to digital are similar: legacy ecosystems that inhibit innovation and inhibit resilience.
Systems are fragmented and in silos: even conducting a full IT inventory is a major challenge. This raises risk and cost and makes it impossible to create a frictionless user experience.
We believe IT delivery should be simple. We’re working with the public service to deliver on the vision of digital transformation by delivering that simplicity.
By connecting every team, streamlining every workflow, and integrating every system on a single, secure platform, you can gain the visibility and control you need to reduce risk, respond faster to threats, and improve experiences for staff and citizens.
That’s what allows your teams to do their best work and brings the public’s experience of government to the next level. Discover how ServiceNow can help you deliver the digital experiences at the heart of digital transformation.

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