5 Insights To Build Excellent Citizen Communications

5 Insights To Build Excellent Citizen Communications

In today’s increasingly demanding environment, citizens require more support than ever before, underscoring the vital importance for all public sector organisations to strive for maximum efficiency and responsiveness.

What’s the best way to do this? GovNews, collaborating with our partner RingCentral, conducted a survey within the public sector, seeking insights into their challenges and communication practices. The findings indicate a widespread desire for improved strategies to enhance efficiency and intelligence, ultimately aiming to elevate the citizen experience.

The survey shows that despite progress, there remains considerable room for improvement in citizen communication, with 91% expressing varying degrees of satisfaction, ranging from poor to excellent, 44% perceiving them as fair or poor.


This survey highlights the urgent challenges, underlining the importance of smarter work approaches to enhance citizen satisfaction. Key improvements include tackling inconsistent
communication methods, embracing preferred citizen channels, utilising advanced insights for better decision-making, integrating systems for efficiency, and employing AI to enhance productivity and customer communication. Public sector organisations have an opportunity to transform communications with innovative methods and technologies.

It starts by removing silos between internal teams; clear and open communication internally is the only way to give people the support they need externally.

But do organisations have all they need to remove silos and provide this level of support? Choosing Daisy and RingCentral can offer you a faster, Gartner-endorsed route to powerful, futureproofed communications. As a RingCentral Diamond Partner, we can deliver and support on RingCentral’s cloud communications and collaboration platform, facilitating seamless interaction and teamwork among staff and citizens.

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