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OPEX Corporation is a recognised global technology leader in document imaging, high-speed mailroom automation and warehouse automation. Craig Hartley, UK Business Development Manager explains how their solutions are assisting the NHS and wider public sector achieve digital transformation.

In 2020, society recognises that the NHS has been faced with the biggest challenge in a generation. COVID-19 has thrown the UK’s healthcare system into unknown territory, whereby the global pandemic has placed enormous pressures on an already over-stretched service.

Across the length and breadth of the UK, we’ve observed an amazing response during these trying times, witnessing the NHS rise incredibly to the challenge. Whilst it’s not possible for all NHS staff to perform the front-line care achieved by their colleagues outside of a clinical environment, swathes of administrative functions and non-patient facing tasks have been moved off-site – meaning the need to ‘Go Digital’ is now greater than ever before.

It’s a valid question to ask – but during the unprecedented uncertainty, where does the scanning and capture of patient medical records play a crucial role?

Craig explains that throughout this pandemic, OPEX has been working shoulder to shoulder (…whilst still two metres apart) alongside our NHS customers to ensure they’re able to continue operating. OPEX have been on-site, installing much-needed equipment, assisting in system configurations and advising on best working practices. Ultimately, this ‘behind the scenes’ service supports and enables NHS Medical Records teams to keep operating – capturing, structuring and digitising patient information to support critical front-line clinical decision making.

OPEX’s state-of-the-art document imaging platforms and technologies have become the dominant force in digital conversion of complex hard-copy patient records. NHS and UK service providers choose OPEX Falcon en-masse for capturing structured patient information. The ground-breaking ‘one-touch’ scanning approach uniquely increases processing speeds, transforms workflow efficiency and reduces arduous document ‘prep’. In creating unique solutions from all other hardware manufacturers within the arena, we’ve identified and solved key tasks faced by an overstretched NHS associated with this monumental undertaking.

We’re already working with dozens of UK-wide Trusts, enabling scanning and transformation of ‘legacy’ archives and ‘day-forward’ records into digital content for onward ingestion into EPR systems. Across the UK and Ireland, OPEX devices are directly responsible for annually creating approximately 2 Billion Medical Records images, through NHS Trusts and outsourcing partners.

Furthermore, NHS England requires that by 2022/23 all ‘Lloyd George’ patient notes are digitised. Each envelope contains wide-ranging arrays of personal information, determining that secure and accurate capture of this information becomes paramount. Many three dimensional ‘Lloyd George’ wallets are 70+ years old, deteriorating and fragile – yet capturing the information within is required for safe medical practice. The accurate preservation and security of these records is vital – an area where OPEX’s Falcon has proven experience, being widely regarded as the perfect combined ‘prep, scan and capture’ technology platform for navigating the notoriously challenging Lloyd George notes mountain.

Hopefully, the NHS and wider society will feel more akin to 2019. We firmly believe that access to documents ‘digitally’ will remain of strategic importance. As such, we can be confident that efficient and cost-effective workflows will become more vital than ever across the NHS and wider UK public sector.

OPEX’s team understand that ‘seeing is believing’.

To further explore the OPEX Falcon® range of possibilities, contact Craig Hartley to discuss your requirements.

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