The Value Of Independence When Managing Complex Estates In The Public Sector

The Value Of Independence When Managing Complex Estates In The Public Sector

For over six decades, KBR has been at the forefront of executing critical government projects and programs, providing cutting-edge technology-driven solutions tailored to the unique needs of public sector clients in the UK.

In their latest whitepaper, the KBR Estates Intelligence team explores the transformative power of independence when managing complex estates, offering insights into navigating the intricacies of modern estates management and emphasising the importance of impartial intelligence and strategic partnerships to achieve success in the UK public sector.

The landscape of asset and estates management is undergoing significant transformation, particularly in light of the post-COVID era where flexible working arrangements and evolving utilisation of space have become paramount. This shift is not only occurring in the private sector, but also within the portfolios of public sector entities. Leaders of government departments must now adapt to changing dynamics, considering factors such as utilisation efficiency, cost-effectiveness, sustainability objectives, and through-life asset plans. This necessitates a holistic approach to estates management, encompassing short, medium and long-term considerations alongside broader delivery objectives and performance metrics.

In line with wider societal and technological shifts, the public sector is increasingly driven towards achieving three overarching missions outlined in the 2022 Government Property Strategy: Transforming Places and Services, Creating Smaller, Better, and Greener Estates, and Providing Professional Excellence and Insight. Government buildings and assets are under particular scrutiny to demonstrate value for money whilst also aligning with green initiatives and levelling-up actions amidst a rapidly changing environment.

Therefore, having an independent intelligence partner, with a team of experts, becomes invaluable in navigating these complexities. By providing strategic, operational and tactical support when managing and planning for estates and assets, an independent intelligence partner offers deep insights and impartial guidance, which is crucial to achieve successful outcomes in the context of the public sector’s complex environment and delivery objectives. KBR’s Estates Intelligence team stands out as a trusted partner, with the capability and expertise to assist in the management of complex assets and estates.

KBR’s Estates Intelligence team specialises in independent assurance and estates management solutions tailored to the needs of the UK public sector. Leveraging their proprietary 6 A Methodology and VIAverseSM platform, KBR Estates Intelligence gives clients the ability to forward-plan against business goals, using validated data and insights to drive effective and strategic decision-making.

The 6 A Methodology, comprising aggregation of disparate data sources, process automation, asset management strategies, assurance, audits, and analytics, forms the backbone of the KBR Estates Intelligence approach, ensuring increased estates performance, reduced costs, time savings, improved compliance, and alignment with green objectives.

Across some of the most complex estates, the 6 A Methodology has been proven to deliver:

  • Increased estates performance, through proactive oversight.
  • Reduced costs, through commercial and financial audits, and supply chain management.
  • Time savings, through process automation and effective estates management.
  • Improved compliance, through optimised asset management strategies and assured estates data.
  • Alignment with green objectives to support ESG management, and improved ESG data.
  • Enhanced experience for end users through higher-performing estates and an industry-leading helpdesk.

The Value Of Independence When Managing Complex Estates In The Public Sector

Powered by the VIAverseSM platform, KBR delivers end-to-end work order management, document checking software, mobile asset management technology, and bespoke invoice management technology, all underpinned by securely hosted, centrally managed databases. Through insightful reporting and analytics, KBR Estates Intelligence provides clients with a comprehensive view of their portfolios, focusing on trend analysis, spend profiles, compliance, and long-term asset management strategies that focus on achieving Net Zero.

For public sector organisations seeking to optimise their asset and estates management for success, KBR Estates Intelligence’s independent approach offers strategic, cost-effective and sustainable solutions tailored to the unique challenges of managing complex portfolios. Partner with the KBR Estates Intelligence team today to unlock the full potential of your estates management strategies.

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