How The Framespan Framework Platform Is Taking Over Public Sector Procurement

Ed Bradley - How The Framespan Framework Platform Is Taking Over Public Sector Procurement

Ed Bradley, CEO and Founder of Framespan, on how their framework platform is taking over public sector procurement.

When I spoke with Public Sector Focus last, we had only just begun our journey. Now, a year on, the landscape of public sector procurement continues to evolve, and so have we.

It all stemmed from a simple yet profound realisation articulated by Claire Bye, Chief Procurement Officer at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, during a conversation at the HCSA conference in November 2021. Claire’s insight underscored the pressing need for a consolidated directory of procurement frameworks—a need that Framespan was uniquely positioned to address. The journey from concept to reality for Framespan was swift, and we launched exactly one year later at the same event where that very conversation took place.

Just as platforms like Rightmove simplify property search by eliminating the need to visit every estate agent, Framespan streamlines procurement processes. With a single search, users gain access to a comprehensive directory of relevant frameworks, providing buyers and suppliers with a centralised hub for procurement activities. Its intuitive interface is simple and easy to use, requiring no training or installation, ensuring accessibility for all users.

Our existing features enable users to easily search frameworks, suppliers and providers using a range of attributes such as region, category, or date range, and bookmark frameworks that are of interest for future reference. Additionally, we have exciting new features on the horizon, such as framework notifications and a framework comparison tool. By gathering feedback from our daily users, we’re able to adapt our roadmap to better serve those who need it most. This facilitates seamless navigation of procurement pathways, saving time, and increasing compliance, reducing waivers – ensuring they are used solely for those rare exceptions that there is genuinely no alternative route.

While the idea behind Framespan is straightforward, its impact is significant. With over 50% of NHS trusts now on board, our platform is not only revolutionising healthcare procurement but is also seamlessly integrating into the daily operations of public sectors such as housing associations and blue-light services. As we reflect on our journey over the past year, it’s clear that Framespan’s impact extends far beyond conceptualisation—it’s reshaping the landscape of public sector procurement.

Framespan has garnered widespread acclaim from procurement specialists nationwide, who are relieved to discover a solution that alleviates the arduous task of navigating the procurement landscape. Amidst these success stories, one in particular exemplifies the transformative power of Framespan: The South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System (SYB ICS).

Encompassing a significant population across several boroughs, including Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, and Bassetlaw, SYB ICS delivers essential healthcare services to over 1.5 million individuals, making it one of the most substantial ICSs in the UK.

Before adopting Framespan, South Yorkshire ICS Trusts faced challenges in efficiently identifying appropriate frameworks and suppliers. The traditional approach involved relying on colleagues’ expertise and knowledge and, in some cases, conducting website searches and contacting suppliers directly. This approach could be time-consuming, often resulting in delays in obtaining the necessary information for procurement decisions.

How The Framespan Framework Platform Is Taking Over Public Sector Procurement

The introduction of Framespan brought about improvements to the pre-procurement process when looking at routes to market, with key benefits including ‘time and resource savings through streamlined framework identification’ and ‘Improved decision-making and more informed options for stakeholders.’

Rachel Gatiss, Senior Corporate Procurement Manager, pointed out, “Framespan’s efficiency saved valuable time that was previously spent on individually researching each framework. This allows me to delegate framework research to stakeholders, enabling my team to focus on more strategic tasks.”

The decision to adopt Framespan within SYB ICS was met with enthusiasm, thanks to its user-friendly interface and immediate benefits. Training provided by the Framespan team facilitated seamless adoption, further solidifying Framespan’s position as an essential tool within SYB ICS’s procurement arsenal.

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