Councils Urged To Address Environmental Impact Of Misplaced Grocery Delivery Equipment

Councils Urged To Address Environmental Impact Of Misplaced Grocery Delivery Equipment

Bakers Basco the industry-leading membership scheme created by Allied Bakeries, Fine Lady Bakeries, Frank Roberts & Sons, Hovis, and Warburtons, is calling upon local authorities and waste management managers to prioritise the environmental consequences of misused grocery delivery equipment.

The scheme, which provides and manages an industry-wide bakery equipment solution, aims to raise awareness about the issue of misplaced bread baskets and dollies that often end up discarded in local areas or dumped in landfills.

The campaign initiated by Bakers Basco emphasises the importance of vigilance among local council managers and waste management professionals in safeguarding bread baskets and dolly equipment, which are unintentionally or intentionally taken out of the bakery logistics supply chain. By actively addressing this concern, local councils and waste management organisations can contribute positively to the environment.

As part of the campaign, Bakers Basco has developed a series of posters to increase awareness and understanding of this ongoing issue. A dedicated investigation team has been assigned to tackle the problem, ensuring the distribution of these posters throughout the UK.

Bread basket theft, or conversion, has long been a challenge faced by the baking industry. With reported losses exceeding 60% and, in extreme cases, reaching up to 100%, this issue has been a persistent concern. Since its establishment in 2006, Bakers Basco has been committed to combating abuse and misuse of its pool of five million bread baskets and associated wheeled dollies. This equipment is designed specifically to transport bread safely, cost-effectively, and in an environmentally friendly manner from bakeries to grocery retailers nationwide.

The value of this equipment extends beyond its functional purpose. Misplaced bread baskets often end up in landfills, detrimentally impacting the environment and undermining the green credentials of the retail and related industries.

In a recent incident, a substantial quantity of bread baskets was discovered scattered across multiple locations in a Scottish city, having been irresponsibly discarded. Thankfully, the Commercial Waste Enforcement team promptly took action upon learning about this issue. They reached out to the Bakers Basco team to arrange for the collection of these discarded items. Emphasising the timeliness of their response, this serves as a reminder for other local authorities to consider the convenience of the repatriation process and to get in touch with the recovery team at Bakers Basco to address similar problems within their respective areas.

Councils Urged To Address Environmental Impact Of Misplaced Grocery Delivery Equipment

To help repatriate its equipment, Bakers Basco has made substantial investments in GPS technology to track the whereabouts of bread baskets and dollies. Additionally, the scheme has established a dedicated national investigations team responsible for identifying and reclaiming any equipment that has been delayed, lost, or stolen.

Paul Empson, General Manager at Bakers Basco, stated, “Our investigations team has revealed that a significant amount of our equipment is being left unattended in town and city centres and so to address this issue, we have launched a national campaign in collaboration with local authorities. If people only realised the true value of our equipment, the cost it incurs on the industry when lost, and the potential consequences of its misuse, I believe we would witness a reduction in such incidents. Through joint efforts with local authorities, we can protect the environment by ensuring the equipment returns to the supply chain, reducing the need for additional plastic production.”

Anyone who comes across misplaced bread baskets is encouraged to contact the Bakers Basco team, who will arrange collections free of charge. Reports can be made via the recovery helpline: 08000 327323 or by email at

About Bakers Basco:

Bakers Basco was established in 2006 by five leading plant bakers – Allied Bakeries, Fine Lady Bakeries, Frank Roberts & Sons, Hovis, and Warburtons – representing over 55% of the bakery market in the UK. The membership scheme was created to purchase, manage, and monitor the use of standardized bread baskets for deliveries to retailers and wholesalers. Currently managing an equipment pool of approximately five million Omega Baskets and 500,000 dollies, Bakers Basco operates within the “circular economy,” with each piece of equipment potentially recycled up to 400 times. The resulting raw plastic is then used to manufacture more baskets, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally-conscious approach.

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