How Framespan is Revolutionising NHS and Public Sector Procurement

How Framespan is Revolutionising NHS and Public Sector Procurement

Ed Bradley, CEO and Founder of Framespan on how a simple but innovative new SaaS solution is changing the face of public sector procurement forever.

I was at the HCSA conference in November 2021 when a conversation with Claire Bye, Chief Procurement Officer at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust, sparked the idea of a new way of working for Claire and her team.

Claire’s words will be very familiar to procurement professionals everywhere:

“While we try our best, we simply don’t have the time, capacity, or resources to scour the internet for every possible framework and every potential supplier that might be out there. As procurement specialists, what we truly need is a system that can consolidate all frameworks in one simple, easy-to-search directory – whoever does that will revolutionise NHS spending overnight.”

As well as summarising the serious challenge faced by procurement teams across the UK public sector, Claire’s words marked the moment we saw an opportunity to create a solution, and Framespan was born. However, it became clear that Framespan had the potential to go beyond a solution for an individual and become something truly ground-breaking for the NHS.

Framespan is the UK’s first and only searchable, consolidated directory of key procurement frameworks, designed to make procurement quicker, easier and more compliant. The easy to use interface allows for anyone to get started on the platform with minimal training required. Essentially, if you can use Rightmove, Framespan will be second nature to you as it follows a similar format.

Consolidation sites are a part of our everyday lives. It would seem strange to go to every estate agent to try and find your perfect property, and even possibly miss out on your dream house because it’s being sold via a small boutique estate agent whose website you didn’t think to look at. Rightmove has made buying a house simple and effective and Framespan works in the same way. One quick search on the platform and a list of relevant frameworks will appear. These are all from trusted suppliers and framework providers so you’re immediately able to reduce waivers, saving you time and money.

It’s a simple idea but we’ve found NHS procurement directors across the country breathing a sigh of relief at how Framespan takes the pain out of finding the right procurement pathway. In a recent customer survey, nearly 80% of respondents stated that Framespan had exceeded their expectations and of these, 15.4% of responders stated that Framespan had ‘far exceeded expectations’.

Claire adds “I’m delighted with the platform and not only use it myself but have encouraged hospitals throughout the Southwest to adopt it, and the feedback has been fantastic.”

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