Why capturing information from documents helps organisations transform – PFU, a Fujitsu company

Peter Richardson, Senior Marketing Manager at PFU (EMEA), a Fujitsu company, looks at the challenges for the public sector in their digital transformation and provides a guide on how organisations can help ease the process by scanning a variety of paper records and implementing document management solutions.

Digital transformation is already having a significant impact on organisations throughout the public sector. The potential for transformative change is here and to succeed leaders need to embrace digital transformation and its new ways of working: connecting people, data and processes to create value for organisations and their communities.

There are more than a few buzzwords and concepts in the professional world at the moment; but one of the most frequently seen ones that we have seen is digital transformation. This notion has become critical to organisations, no matter the sector, and is now required for organisations to develop and grow. The Internet of Things is becoming more apparent in working spaces, and the demand for it is growing, so businesses of all kinds need to have these functionalities, for them to connect across the world. This means it has never been a better time for reliable and robust Document Management solutions to be implemented.

But how do we start? 

The scale of change can be daunting and challenge the culture of the organisations building resistance to change. In a recent Dell survey, just 5% of businesses were on a journey to digitally transforming their organisations. For many business leaders Organisational Design, including how information is acquired, processed and shared has become an important consideration according to the Deloitte Global Human Trend Report 2017.

Where to start?

Changing the way organisations work with paper is a sensible first step towards the more substantial digital transformation. 

Scanning unlocks the flow of information in all areas of the public sector from human resources need to securely process passports and identity documents to one-stop-shops, gathering a range of paper forms into back-office processes. Paper is everywhere, but it’s not the enemy.

By securely capturing paper records with scanners and passing the information through document management solutions, data can be captured and rapidly processed. The scanned data can then be used to improve services and operations.

At Fujitsu, we specialise in working closely with partners to understand the complexity of systems. We provide value across every paper, touchpoint with products and solutions fit for purpose. Data from archives, election papers, prescriptions, births, deaths, marriages – all are vital, and all can be rapidly scanned, processed and electronically stored delivering your organisation benefits while meeting GDPR commitments.

We know transformation is hard and we are here to help with document capture today.

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